Custom Orders

Interested in a custom order but not sure how to inquire?
Use this template as a guide!


Detailed description of your idea:


Style: (Baby: 2.8 cm)  (Classic: 4.8 cm) (Skull: 2 cm) (Other:...)

Colour:  Opaque, Semi-transparent, Clear, Gradient...

Backings: Hypoallergenic, Clip on, Magnetic, Large silicone (for spaced ears)...

Extras: Gold leaf, Hand-painted designs, Chains, Flowers*...

 *Flower or fruit earrings have to be sourced and dried which can take upwards of three weeks. I will not be offering this option at the moment due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Toronto. Feel free to inquire about them still if you're curious.


Things to know:
Once I get back to you, we can solidify all the details (styles, inspiration photos, timeframe, shipping, cost) for your custom order. Throughout the process, I'll update you with pictures via email. After you okay the piece, you’ll receive an invoice which you can pay at any time before I mail your order.

Custom orders start at $30 - for any additional costs, you'll be informed well before you receive the invoice. No surprise costs. 



Check out some past custom pieces below! (Note: not for sale)